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chch Update a102_2OG.json 1 year ago
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sounds fixed sounds to satisfy rc3-linter 1 year ago
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Computertruhe.png Computertruhe.png 2 years ago
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alles.tiled-project verschoben 3 years ago
c3_deko.png ee 3 years ago
campfire.png campfire 2 years ago
chaos_zone_shared.png tunnel eingebaut 2 years ago
chemnitz_all.kra roterturm 2 years ago
chemnitz_all.png roterturm 2 years ago
chemnitz_sign.kra tunnel mit Wänden 2 years ago
chemnitz_sign.png tunnel mit Wänden 2 years ago
divoc-functional.png divoc-bilder 2 years ago
fantasy.png verschoben 3 years ago
floortileset.png kreuzumg_mit_chch 3 years ago
furniture.png ee 3 years ago
main.json kleiner_Bagger 1 year ago
modern.png verschoben 3 years ago
radiotipi.png add radioT tipi 1 year ago
rc3-mullana-floor-wall.png dfddf 3 years ago
rc3-mullana-functionary.png ee 3 years ago
rc3-mullana-overlay.png ee 3 years ago
tilesets_deviant_milkian_1.png new file: tilesets_deviant_milkian_1.png 3 years ago
tilesets_deviant_milkian_2.png tilesets_deviant_milkian_2.png 3 years ago
tilesets_deviant_milkian_3.png tilesets_deviant_milkian_2.png 3 years ago
water.png tilesets_deviant_milkian_2.png 3 years ago


Map of ChaostreffChemnitz for workadventure.


The maps (json files) are licensed as CC0 1.0 Universal.

floortileset.png is stolen from thecodingmachine.