Random Video Player Shellscript

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  • shell scripts to play a random video
  • polls big button (buzzer) in left of lounge door
  • polls 2-way-switch left from big button (buzzer)

Usage instructions

Buzzer commands

  • button press (2s delay between presses) start or stop video
  • switch up turns on "On Air"-mode (stops video and doesn't open new videos, button locked)
  • switch down turns sound on, volume rises slowly and can be stopped with button press
  • turn switch back from down to center position slowly decreases volume, it can be stopped when switch turned down again

Install instructions

crontab entries

  • */15 * * * * cd ~/RandomVideo; ~/RandomVideo/RandomVideo.sh cron
  • @reboot cd ~/RandomVideo; ~/RandomVideo/buzzer.sh & pid=$!; while ! ping -c1 git.chch.it>/dev/null; do sleep 1; done; git -C ~/RandomVideo/ pull; kill -9 $pid; ~/RandomVideo/buzzer.sh

fstab entries

  • UUID=DAE9-9682 /mnt/video vfat defaults,users,ro 0 1



  • Plays a random video file


  • polls buzzer and 2-way-switch
  • volume control
  • controls video playback
  • controls "On Air"-mode


  • placeholder videofile for "On Air"-Message


  • configfile with all config parameters


  • testscript for ramping soundcard output volume
  • reads volume value from amixer
  • not a necessary file


Chaostreff Gang Buzzer


  • All stuff in this repo is licenced under Unlicence.
  • current onair.mp4 is excluded and a placeholder!