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This Interface is developed to work with firefox 27.0.1.


1. Download mjpegplexer:

2. Setup mjpegplexer properly.

3. Copy the contents of cctv-control to the root
of your webserver and set the camera-host-IP
to the server that runs mjpegplexer.

Omit Printing-Dialogue

To make firefox not display the printing dialogue a config
option needs to be added. I recommend to print to a file,
for everything to work as expected.

1. enter "about:config" and hit enter

2. create a new boolean (right-click)
with the name "print.always_silent_print"
and set it to "true"

3. set "print.print_to_file" to "true"

4. set your preferred filename in

5.(opt) adapt values of footers and headers for your needs

Default Values

print.always_silent_print false
print.print_to_file false

print.footerleft &PT //Pagenumber
print.footerright &D //Date
print.headerleft &T //?
print.headerright &U //Filename